Sunday, September 19, 2010

KONCEPT 'X" details......

KONCEPT 'X" details........

II)Concept of Design
Its a new generation bike design with stum, angle and innovative design.
III)Target Market
This is all purpose bike which can be folded at the center and carry along. The bike can easily be transported in car, bus and train. One can ride this bike where there is no means of transportation, inside factory, malls and narrow city roads.
IV) Innovative Features
Its a new concept 'X' frame design using aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. It has a built in shock absorber at the front. Hub less wheels, all weather headlight with high and low beam, tail light with a brake light.
Handle and stum has a new concept with unique working process.
Adjustable seat height and position of handle bar
The bike can be fold able from the center.its having speed o meter also..

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